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One needs to know how its website is working and so if it needs any type of changes it can by optimizing the web page. Our virtual assistants know how to manage and review the website and can easily give a review of a website by making necessary changes.

SEO is a technique which helps in bringing traffic on your website by getting high ranking placements in the Search engine result page. There are various SEO tools, which our Virtual assistants know quite well and so can make a client’s website SEO friendly.

Advertising is one of the media through which one can expand their audience using different social media platforms. Our Virtual assistants know to create, manage monitor and analyze advertisements in different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google ads..etc

Our virtual assistants are quite capable of setting up and maintaining different social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin..Etc. The content for each channel would differ to its need. The choosing of content would be with the help of SEO (Search engine Optimization). Scheduling of contents is quite important and would be targeted to the needs of the audience.

The email marketing campaign is important and our virtual assistants are very experienced in creating it. We will be able to provide content that is visually appealing, and has very rich content that inspires customers and subscribers to “click-through.”

It’s very important to engage and monitor your audience. Our proficient Virtual assistants are quite experienced in managing Linkedin accounts and hence could set up your Linkedin groups too. With that Virtual assistant, the service can also search for groups related to the services you offer. It will help the clients widen their connection and opportunities to grow their Linkedin account. We can set up one’s own Linkedin group too.

Marketing – creating sales pages/squeeze pages/pop up email boxes

To create, edit and format templates and guides is not a tough job. It’s a very creative part where you need an accuracy of alignment, color, background..etc. Any mistake, and it could look visually displeasing. However, our virtual assistant understands the need for templates and guides and could easily create, edit, and format templates and guides according to the client’s need.

Infographics are used to communicate and engage more with the audience. However, if it doesn’t turn out visually appealing then it loses all the essence of communicating as people don’t prefer looking at it.
Our Infographic virtual assistants are quite trained and know how to design and format infographics in a very efficient manner. Our virtual assistant can design statistical Infographics, informational Infographics, Timeline Infographics, Geographic Infographics. Etc

The logo and banner is something that defines your brand and tells what it stands for. We have a team of creative designers who are brilliant at their work and can make all types of logos and banners to the requirement of the clients.

Every other social media channel has its design and that is how the audience recognizes it with. It’s important to have once owned a unique design so that your brand stands out in the market. Our proficient virtual assistants are quite capable of making the best designs for different media channels be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…Etc

  • Handle Incoming client contact:

    Our Virtual Assistants will be able to manage Incoming Customer communication via inbound calls from clients that can be directed to any of our Virtual Assistants, regardless of where they are based.

  • Data entry:

    Our Virtual Assistants will be able to manage Incoming Customer communication via inbound calls from clients that can be directed to any of our Virtual Assistants, regardless of where they are based.

  • Check and respond to emails:

    Our virtual assistants are quite capable and understanding and know how to check and respond to emails efficiently.

  • Creating/updating/maintaining databases and CRMs:

    Our virtual assistants have the technical knowledge and know-how to create, update, maintain databases, and CRM in every aspect through the use of the software. They would be taking responsibility for an entire CRM system, integrate various reports and create a clear analytical detail..etc

  • Collating business cards into an Excel sheet for uploading to CRMs or address books:

    Our Virtual assistants would be collecting all the business cards and would be recording in excel sheets so that they can further upload CRMs or address books. This makes the process less tedious and quite effective.

  • Organize meeting and conference calls :

    There are tools which our Virtual assistants are quite aware of and they know how to use it efficiently. They have prior experience in organizing meetings and conference calls for a lot of clients.

  • Personal assistance :

    There are times when clients get too busy in their work that they forget to do their own personal work. For them, it’s quite important to take help from Virtual Assistants. Our Virtual assistants are very obedient with their work and can do any personal work for clients like online research, calendar management. etc.

  • Task Management :

    Our Virtual assistants would manage all the tasks of the clients and will make sure to plan everything and do its execution too. Handling whole task management makes sure that Virtual assistants complete their task on time.

Our virtual assistant team is quite capable in the department of sales and so could provide various services under sales administration like book appointments with clients leads, contact an old and new lead, generate a Quality lead, assist with sale reports..etc and all other aspects which come under it.

  • Deals with Sales Administration
  • Input orders and create Invoices
  • Prepare contracts and proposals
  • Research leads and Prospect
  • Create content for your website:

    With our team of Virtual assistants we could provide you best writing content across industries in accordance to your need.

  • Edit or format a document:

    It is important to see if the content is written or denoted what is being said and how is it being said or not. To make sure this happens correctly, editing should be properly applied. With that visual appearance of the text including font style, size, margins, etc should also be looked upon. To edit and format the document, clients should take help from our Virtual assistants as it will save their staff time, cost..etc

  • Write articles and guides:

    There are some great virtual assistants who are capable of writing good articles and errors without any mistake.

  • Proof your website:
  • Craft a quality blog post:

    Blog posts are given a lot of consideration as it is how today brands are sharing their products and services. Our virtual assistant would be able to write blogs on the requirements of clients.

  • Blog set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling :

    Content of any form, be it blog or article should be SEO friendly as it will further help bring the traffic to the client’s website. Virtual assistants would write their content with the help of using keyword tools that will help them put SEO friendly content including blog writing or writing an article. Scheduling of what to write and when to write is also very important and should be managed by the virtual assistants.

  • Research your competitors:

    There is competition between brands and to remain constant in the first position among them is very important. It’s essential to know about your competitors as it helps one in planning its strategy to remain in the market and be better than the other so that the audience consumes their product or service.
    Our virtual assistants are quite capable and experienced and will help the client in researching their competitor in every aspect.

  • Find a product or service:

    If the client needs any information about any product or service, then our virtual assistant would help the client in doing that by studying it thoroughly through the usage of the Internet, books, and other different mediums.

  • Investigate a specific topic:

    If the client is facing any problem related to any aspect then our virtual assistant would help the client in investigating a specific topic through different mediums.

  • Research Potential customers:

    For any client to expand its market it’s important to research their potential customers so that they can target those audiences. In doing that our proficient virtual assistant could do it through the use of Google alerts, studying the web analytics, leveraging professional social networks etc.

  • Find facts and figures:

    There are times when clients need to find facts and figures but are not able to because of their hectic schedules. At this point, it’s always advisable to consult help from a virtual assistant in doing it.
    Our Virtual assistant does know about this aspect and can easily find facts and figures by studying it in a very efficient manner.

  • Locate contact information :

    For Social Media Marketing Clients, Virtual assistants can put static call tracking numbers in their native advertising content to track conversions. This could be one of the ways of locating contact information. However it’s not limited to this and has different ways to find through different softwares.

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